Classical and Flamenco Guitar Wood Characteristics

  Top: Solid Red Cedar or Solid German Spruce
Spruce is light in color and has a bright sound that carries well in a concert hall.
Cedar is a darker wood with a rich warm sound.

Back & Sides: Mahogany, Rosewood, Sycamore, or Cypress
Mahogany is a moderately hard and heavy wood that is often used for the back and sides. Its color varies from brown to reddish-brown.
Rosewood is a more expensive wood that is also dark brown with red tints, but can also contain some small black grains. Brazilian Rosewood is rare and has a much more marbled grain than other types of Rosewood.
Cypress is a very dense wood that helps to create the brightness of the Flamenco Guitar. Its characteristics also give it the presence needed for Flamenco performances.
Sycamore is a less expensive wood that is similar to Cypress. It is a good compromise for flamenco guitars when an affordable price is important.

Neck: Mahogany or Cedar
Mahogany is a darker, heavier wood than cedar.
Cedar is most commonly used in concert guitars due to its increased strength.

Fingerboard:  Rosewood or Ebony
Ebony is a very expensive, dark, hard wood and is the choice for the concert guitar.
Rosewood is often used as an economical alternative to Ebony.

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