Trying to decide what top wood suits you best? 

Spruce vs. Cedar: It's purely a matter of preference. Spruce can have a clearer more defined tone where cedar can me warmer and more mellow, but the differences aren't always that great.  The timbres of the two woods are what I consider to be the biggest difference between the two.  To get a feel for that, the videos below may help you.  Even if these aren't the guitars you're considering, you can get a feel for the difference between the two woods on the same model guitar.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  -Geoff Ferdón, XGuitars

Spruce vs. Cedar, by Siccas Guitars:

Spruce vs. Cedar, by Tavi Jinariu & Córdoba Guitars:

(This video has a considerable amount of reverb added, so it makes the tone a bit unrealistic, but that shouldn't affect the difference between the two top wood sounds.)

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