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Our guitars undergo a thorough 19-point inspection for optimal performance, including detailed professional setup. We guarantee flawless quality or offer a replacement or refund, covering all shipping costs. XGuitars maintains ideal humidity & temperature to prevent problems like hidden cracks, warped necks.

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Detailed setup on every guitar & a thorough 19-point inspection.

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All manufacturer warranties require the purchaser to pay all shipping costs associated with warranty work or repair.  XGuitars is the only online dealer who will pay these shipping costs for you (continental U.S. only). You will pay $0 for shipping or any other expenses for a warranty claim on a guitar purchased from XGuitars.

6, 12, or 18 months at 0% interest.

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Airport Travel Wisdom for Guitarists - Oh and by the way, do you really play that thing?

Airport travel can be an anxiety provoking experience under normal circumstances. Add a guitar into the mix, and it can quickly become nightmarish. I’ve had many strange airport experiences over the years involving my guitar…some humorous and some devastating. I’m certainly not someone who travels with their instrument on a regular basis, but I’ve still learned some valuable lessons about traveling with my fragile wooden baby.

Let’s talk about fragility...

Tips For Improving Your Sight-Reading Skills

There really are no negative aspects of being a great sight-reader. In fact, this is probably one of the most valuable skill sets a musician can have! You’re efficient at learning new repertoire, you’re very hireable as a gig musician, and there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to sit down and just read through some music without having to stop and start all the time. The road to becoming a great sight reader can be a tedious, painful journey, and one I am admittedly still traveling! While the greatest tool for this process is...

5 Dollar Store Guitar Hacks

During my time as a music student in grad school (and if I’m being honest, for several years after…), my budget was about as thin as my high E string. My savings account was usually kept alive only by the five dollars I hadn’t yet borrowed from it, and my favorite weekly meal was black beans, cheese, and rice. Lucky for me I’ve got some pretty fantastic familial support systems who’ve helped me pursue my dreams, but I’ve still been that person checking my bank account before eating out at Chipotle to make sure my card won’t be declined.

So if you’re going through one of those ramen-noodle budget phases in your life, allow me to share some of the dollar store wisdom I learned as a music student!