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Great strings

I've played these for years.

So quick, great selection

I bought my guitar in Spain, and I love that I can get strings from the same brand. And I was not expecting it so quickly

The Perfect Protective Case from Alhambra

Absolutely Stunning Case. It is super strong, very protective, exquisitely lined/padded, and form fitting so it holds my guitar securely and doesn't allow it to slide around. I'd also add that it is a very handsome, low key guitar case that will protect your guitar throughout your travels. Bottom Line: I cannot describe how highly impressed I am with my new Alhambra Guitar and case. And let's not forget Geoff's incredible service, communication, pricing, and professionalism. Thank you, sir!

Alhambra 10Fc Blanca Flamenco Guitar
Robert B.M. (Santa Fe, US)
An Absolutely Stunning Guitar and Phenomenal Service by Geoff at XGuitars

1. I recently received my new Alhambra 10FC Flamenco Guitar from XGuitars. It arrived nicely packed & in perfect condition. I gave it the appropriate 6 hours to come up to room temperature before opening it up which was great advice. 2. Tuned it up and ran it through a few Sor and Aguado studies; Packington's Pound; and even Metallica's Unforgiven (Classical version). At a summary level, this guitar is absolutely stunning and XGuitars is not getting it back! :) 3. Everything I played was better than I've ever played before. Geoff may recall that I have a slight hand tremor so everything is a bit of a challenge for me, BUT not so much with this Alhambra. Amazing! Perfect fretting was a breeze, no noisy string/fret stuff, gorgeous sound, and very comfortable to play. 4. The neck is just super comfortable. Not sure why it is so good but it reminds me of the first time my guitar instructor let me play his pro-level Les Paul where I found the Gibson so much easier to fret, play, etc. than my Custom-Shop Strat (with a smaller neck). Whatever the magic is with this neck I am so impressed because it instantly made me a better/more accurate player with no extra effort. 5. Tuners: Who ever thought that tuners could be so good!!?? And so gorgeous in gold with black/ebony knobs. Truly the best tuners I've ever had, a delight to use, and a pleasure to look at. 6. Rosette: Drop dead gorgeous. Nothing else needs to be said. 7. Fantastic looking guitar that is finished beautifully. Everything is perfect and exquisitely finished. 8. Sound: Super nice. Can't wait to record the guitar a few times so I can listen to how truly beautiful this guitar sounds. I imagine that when I change the strings to the Savarez brand that the sound will be a bit louder and even more stunning. 9. Really appreciate all of Geoff's advice on the selection of this guitar. He really set it up perfectly and I know that I'll get years of fun out of this beauty. 10. I also need to let potential customers know that Geoff is not just some guy selling guitars on the Internet. Rather, he is a highly skilled working musician and luthier, he has a degree in classical guitar (+ Engineering!), studied Flamenco and Classical guitar in Spain so he really knows what he is talking about, and he used to be the VP of Alhambra in the USA. And finally let me add that Geoff is an absolute gentleman who will help 'steer you in the right direction' on procuring a guitar. Oh, I liked this guitar transaction and Geoff's professionalism that I bought another guitar from him a week later! Thanks Geoff!

Best Guitar Support Used

I have another guitar support, however, it does not fit in the guitar case. I needed a support that would fit in its hard case. So I thought I would try Gitano support. It does fit in the case. It does take a bit to attach it to the guitar. But once it's on it stays on. I like it.

Excellent strings, rich and powerful.

Excellent strings, rich and powerful. They will work great for concert and student-level guitars. Service and prices at X guitars are A+.

A Happy Camper

The guitar is beautiful and impeccably set up by Geoff. Its sound is rich and powerful, almost too loud for the small office where I practice. This is the first classical guitar I've owned since a no-name cheapo that was my first guitar nearly 60 years ago. I don't pretend that my playing skill will ever be up to what this guitar can do, but I wanted a guitar with really good sound, and the linea profesional delivers. I've only had it for a week, and the transition from a steel string will take time, but so far I am very happy with the guitar as well as Geoff's setup and string recommendation. Finally, the case fits the guitar like a glove.

Best customer service ever

I had one of the best customer service experiences with my recent purchase. The processing and handling of my order were exceptional. I am extremely pleased with the setup of the guitar I bought; it arrived ready to play, which is a rarity compared to other places I’ve shopped. Highly satisfied with the overall experience.

Alhambra N2 Tuning Machines
Victor A. (Oceanside, US)
Replacement N2 Tuners

I am happy with my new Alhambra N2 tuners. Installation took less than 5 minutes, and the machines worked smoothly and effortlessly to hold the strings in prefect tune.


Ramirez medium tension strings

I purchased my Cedar Estudio 3 at XGuitars, and It was set up with Ramirez medium tension strings as I ordered. Later, I experimented with a hard tension set but now I'm back to the medium tension strings as they produced a clearer sound, consistent volume, and a more pleasurable experience for my playing level.

Extra sagework magnets

Great service and quick delivery. It's great to have sagework magnets for multiple guitars.

Kling-On Guitar Top Protector
Jon C. (St Louis, US)
Double Top Protection

Like others with double tops, we know the soundboard veneer is very thin, and that even the slightest amount of pickguard material can change the resonant function of such a design. These protectors are perfect for such soundboards, they are very lightweight, but offer the perfect amount of protection, they also do not damage cured French polish finishes,...these are win-win protectors.

Alhambra-branded VGV Hardshell Case

I ordered this at the same time as the Alhambra 10 Premier Classical Guitar (reviewed in an earlier post). The XGuitars website describes it as “classy” and it is indeed that however I think a better term would be Elegant on both the inside and outside. The fit with the Alhambra 10 is absolutely perfect and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the D’Addario Humidipak is able to maintain acceptable RH levels even up here where the RH inside my house is about 22% most days. Great product and again excellent service from XGuitars!

Alhambra 10 Premier Classical Guitar
Munroe C. (Drexel Hill, US)
Alhambra 10 Premier Classical Guitar

I have a couple of excellent classical guitars that I enjoy playing however, the ease of working the neck on the Alhambra is just awesome. Sonically it is outstanding with the Savarez 500CJ strings that Geoff recommended. Projection is very good and the tonality is well, just exquisite! And BTW the service at XGuitars is equally excellent.

Alhambra Mengual y Margarit Serie NT

I recently purchased the Alhambra Mengual y Margarit Serie NT guitar and could not be more pleased. It is a big step up from the Linea Pro which I had been using. As the product description says, "it's tone is absolutely beautiful and it's power and projection are at the top of its class." The sustain is remarkable. The tone gives me chills. What more is there to say. The setup was perfect and Geoff, as always, was a joy to work with. He bent over backwards to provide what I needed to make a decision and the after-sale advice on care of the guitar was very helpful. I would not buy a guitar anywhere else. I also got the BAM case. It is rather expensive but worth every penny. I have always had a problem keeping the humidity in my cases stable, even with Boveda inserts. With the BAM case the humidity was closer to what Boveda said it should be, probably because the case is airtight and the padding material isn't the fuzzy faux fur that is often used (more surface area).

Humidipak Replacement Packets 3-Pack
RossMcK (Lake Oswego, US)
Very useful for good humidification

A well designed system to protect a guitar and maintain correct humidification.

Great strings

These are some of the best sounding strings available. The basses are rich and powerful. New Cristal nylon 1st and 2nd strings have excellent volume and sustain and Alliance carbon 3rd provides excellent transition from basses to trebles and vice versa. My only complaint is its high tension of the 4th string (about 1# higher than 5th and 6th strings). I typically replace the high-tension 4th with medium-tension 4th and it works great for me.
High tension basses:
514JP D 0.0299 16.78 ??
515JP A 0.0358 15.67
516JP E 0.0441 15.45

Medium tension 4th string:
514RP D 0.0291 15.89

ErgoPlay Tappert Guitar Support
Paul M. (Columbus, US)

Ergo play trappart guitar support.
I had 4 days to practice before first gig with it last nite. 2 hours…no issues.
Took my footstool just in case but did not even think about it.
Wish I had got one 45 years ago!

Excellent Student Flamenco Negra!

I bought the 5FP Piñana Negra Flamenco Guitar in early February, 2024 to complement my cedar top classical guitar, also from Alhambra. I wanted a nice mid priced flamenco which I could use for classical guitar, but has flamenco qualities. This guitar is perfect for my uses. It’s lightweight, balanced, tunes well, uses quality components. And the laminated back & sides gives excellent durability for traveling. If you’re looking for a second guitar, or your first classical/flamenco guitar , it’s an excellent choice in my opinion.

Great strings (tone, intonation, and consistency can’t be beat), and an even better price. Combine that with fast shipping and XGuitars knocked this out of the park.

well balance strings

I like the EJ45 strings for there well balance sound from the low E to the high E. They are long lasting and when finally stretched they stay in tune. I used them on my Cordoba C9 Parlor. To me the EJ45 strings sound much better than the Savarez 500CJ New Cristal Corum High tension strings. EJ45 bring out a much fuller and warmer sound from the cedar top and mahogany back and sides.

My Alhambra Classical Guitar

I spent more than a year shopping for this guitar. I looked at luthiers, and other online music outlets but couldn't be happier with the satisfaction I have in dealing with Geoff. I got just what I wanted , including the beautiful hard shell case and Geoff even sent me the gig bag for the cost of shipping. Geoff obviously knows his business. The delivery was quick and the packaging was perfect! I have made a new

My Alhambra Classical Guitar

I spent more than a year shopping for this guitar. I looked at luthiers, and other online music outlets but couldn't be happier with the satisfaction I have with dealing with Geoff. I got just what I wanted , including the beautiful hard shell case and Geoff even sent me the gig bag for the cost of shipping.
The delivery was quick and the packaging was perfect!

Sagework Guitar Support

Very stable. Very secure. Once installed, it’s simple to setup and take down. The Sagework Support always returns to the exact position you set it to. This is a game changer for me.

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