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I learned Classical and Spanish Guitar with these strings

There may be better strings out there these days however, I'm not aware of them, I was raised on these strings when I was a student and can't get away from them now, they do take a few days to settle in for tuning but once they do the sound is amazing, I may not be Andres Segovia or John Wilmans but I can sound sooo close with a set of these... lol... Thank you Xguitars!

Cordoba c10

Great guitar! Love the sound and feel of it!

The Best Time To Support Small Businesses Is Today

This review is regarding my recent January 2024 purchase of the Alhambra Premier Pro Madagascar Classical Guitar by Javier Mengual and to show my support for Geoff Ferdón, owner of XGuitars. As a professional musician and instructor with over 30 years experience, and having worked in boutique guitar stores throughout the North Shore, IL area, having the right tools are indispensable.

Geoff was very attentive to my inquiries regarding each of the Alhambra models I was interested in. He informed me of the pros and cons for cutaways vs non-cutaway models, including which model was better for tone and volume, and importantly addressed my specific concerns about pricing, as well as shipping out of state. Needless to say the guitar I chose was affordable and packaged incredibly well and shipping was expeditious.

At first, deciding on which guitar to buy was difficult only because there are so many beautiful guitars on XGuitars, however I’m more than pleased with my guitar of choice. The Alhambra Premier Pro Madagascar model built by master luthier Javier Mengual has exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The artisan showcases his deep commitment in creating instruments with passion, care, and close attention to detail. This guitar is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s quite honestly one of the best sounding guitars I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

Although, this model doesn’t include the perks of onboard electronics or a cutaway as is included with other Alhambra “premier” models, the warm and bright tone (solid Madagascar rosewood/solid red cedar), as well as playability are unrivaled. I’m glad that I did my due diligence and extensive research to find what I was searching for in a pro model. This guitar delivers exactly as promised.

Geoff did a full inspection of my instrument. The intonation on the guitar I received is utterly perfect and has no buzz. In addition, I really wanted a guitar with a nitro cellulose lacquer finish, which this model has on the top along with a polyurethane finish on the back and sides. There is a great separation in each of the registers (treble/mid/bass) and has ample volume. This guitar was shipped with the assurance that I would not need to take it to my guitar tech for either an inspection or a set-up.

Thank you Geoff for making this an all around great experience! I’m very happy with my guitar.

Tombo Chromatic Pitch Pipe P-13E
Sally A. (Richmond, US)

Just perfect
That is all there is to say

Pay Attention to Good Suggestions!

I bought these for my Alhambra Premier Pro Madagascar because of the recommendation Geoff made in the information section for that guitar. I wholly agree they're better than the strings that were on the guitar. There'll be a few sets at the ready going forward.


Geoff is one of the finest businesspeople that I’ve ever interacted with. A true gentleman. I had a million questions about the Alhambra Linea and he answered all of them promptly, patiently, honestly and completely. He truly goes “above and beyond” for his customers. If you’re searching for a quality guitar at a fair price with excellent customer service, XGuitars is the place to go.

Great Price

I use D'Addario pro-arte carbon EJ46FF strings on my Cordoba GK Pro guitar and XGuitars definitely has the best price on them, Thank you

Excellent service

Excellent service - thank you ;-)

Great replacement for my worn out accessory. And great company overall!

String recommendation

Great strings for my new Alhambra. Guitar sounds terrific, thanks for the recommendation!

Installation Service
Douglas S. (Los Angeles, US)
New guitar

Excellent service, guitar was well prepared snd arrived as promised.

Ramirez Estudio 3 Cedar Classical Guitar
Jimmie F. (San Francisco, US)
The is the Place to buy your Guitar

I'm an intermediate guitar player gravitating more and more towards classical and flamenco guitar. I have a great Yamaha classical guitar that I started off with. I then graduated to a Kremona Solea, which is a fine instrument which Geoff also sells. I felt it was time to progress to the next level, and get myself a Spanish-made classical guitar to accompany on my next levels of progression.

I've had my eye a Jose Ramirez for a long time due to their obvious reputation. I chose an Estudio 3. Then, I set out to find one. XGuitars quickly came up. I spent time on the site reading review after review of the great service Geoff provides, and I knew this was the place I wanted to get my Jose Ramirez.

I provide Geoff information on where I was in my music career and where I wanted to go, particularly in the classical and flemenco styles (trust me, I will not be doing rasqueados on my Estuiod 3, don't panic ;-), that's a different guitar). Geoff was very helpful and responsive, and provided excellent assistance, even guiding me to a different guitar for the flamenco side based on my goals.

I received my Estudio 3 a few days early to my surprise. It is a beautiful instrument in both sound and appearance. I can easily tell the big differences going from the Yamaha to the Kremona to the Jose Ramirez. It has a very sweet warm tone, and is very easy and nice to play.

They say that the the best guitar you can buy is one you'll fall in love with. I've fallen for this guitar, and I thank Geoff for being the match maker. :-)

D’Addario EJ 45 classical guitar strings

I have been playing classical guitar for 7 years and have tried many different strings. I continue to come back to this string for my Ramirez del tiempo and my Alhambra Mengual y Margrit NT.
The strings are comfortable to my fingers and the sustain is especially good!
I highly recommend these strings 😊

Installing the magnets can be a bit tricky but once that is done it works very well.

Ramirez Estudio 3 Cedar Classical Guitar
Richard B. (Lafayette, US)
Ramirez Estudio 3 Cedar

So far, so good! Very satisfied.

Great product-wonderful service

Geoff helped me select and size the umbra standard. I’m a 70 year old beginner and have tried other supports and pads. The umbra gives me the steady support I need so I can really focus on the job my hands are learning, rather than constantly catching and repositioning my guitar. This is a huge help. Thanks Geoff

Good but with a couple of caveats

This is an elegant case with a couple of minor issues. To pen the lid requires lifting in two places at the same time. There is a good bit of flex in the lid. Also the fit is very tight. The guitar squeaks against the sides when you put it in the case and it requires a bit of force to push the guitar down. Whether this will get better with time I don't know. I remove the guitar a couple of times every day and I would rather have something a bit looser. It is a tradeoff I guess. For shipping your want a tight fit. Not so much for daily use. Not a reflection on Geoff, X-Guitars or Alhambra. I am very pleased with the guitar and with Geoff's recommendation for the Sahework support.

Thank you also for this review!  I do very much appreciate honest reviews.  I've inspected and shipped hundreds of Alhambra guitars with VGV cases and Alhambra guitars and I've not noticed that the VGV cases are too tight.  If you put it in lower bout first and then rotate it down into the case, does that help?  I did notice that yours was a hard fit, but I thought that was because it was in the bag and also the protective foam.  When it's just the bare guitar, it's normally a perfect fit.  I'll start testing them with the guitar not in the bag and foam.  Would you like to take some measurements and we can determine if perhaps your case is mal-formed?  If it is, I can send you a replacement.

Best regards,

Geoff was right

Geoff wrote that this was the best classical guitar in its price range. It is certainly the best guitar that I have owned. Before this I had only owned Cordoba. I love the ErgoNeck. The tuners seem a bit tight. It does not seem possible to adjust smoothly. Sort of goes in lurches. But I suspect that will loosen up with use. Better tight than loose. As always Geoff is a pleasure to do business with. I would not buy a quality guitar anywhere else. Overall I am very pleased.

Thank you very much for the review!

The tuning machines should indeed loosen up within 2-3 months. If they don't, please let me know and I will send you a replacement set.


Stunning Cordoba Torres Spruce Top Classical Guitar

My first few days playing this wonderful Cordoba Torres spruce top classical guitar has affirmed that it is everything I hoped it would be. The smaller body and shorter scale fit me like a glove. It has a warm, vibrant tone and, simultaneousy, the clarity, brightness and volume to provide a full range of expressive possibilities.

Geoff provides professional and timely service. Our communication was great and it's good to know that he welcomes any follow-up or questions I may have.

My sincere thanks, Geoff!

Cordoba C9 Parlor Classical Guitar
Mack J. (Asheville, US)
Cardoba C9 Parlor Classical Guitar

" This is a really nice 640mm guitar. I was able to play this one on-site at Geoff's store, and was prepared to buy a more expensive (640mm) guitar, but this one really spoke to me. Geoff offered wise advice and let me try the three short scale guitars to my heart's content, and was as (or more) service-oriented than any salesperson I've ever encountered. It was a great experience with a great guitar."

The Alhambra Guitar Case is Smarter

I have two guitar cases; the regular one which has the little feet on the bottom and also the Alhambra VGV which has the little feet on the side. With the feet of the regular case on the bottom, when I set it on the table the feet can scratch the top of the table - not smart. The Alhambra VGV case puts the little feet on the edge of the guitar case which is the way I normally store the guitar and also doesn't scratch the table when I lay the VGV guitar case down to open it - much smarter. The latches on the regular case flop around, have no class and take time to open/close - not smart.
The latches on the Alhambra VGV guitar cases are much easier to use, seem very sturdy and have a great classy look - smarter. Okay the leather handle on the Alhambra VGV case looks really classy but doesn't balance the case as well while carrying it. However, the top of the Alhambra VGV case has a contour which not only makes the case look classy it also adds strength to the top which protects my beautiful Alhambra Guitar - very smart. Having the hygrometer inside the Alhambra VGV case keeps me informed about the temperature/humidity inside the case, also very smart. The Alhambra VGV hardshell case was a smart addition to my Alhambra 9P Guitar. Both were purchased from XGuitars - Very Smart.

Alhambra 7P Cedar Classical Guitar
Michael P. (Duluth, US)
Love the Guitar

I love the Alhambra 7P cedar and the service was fantastic, including a rush delivery to have the guitar here before Christmas, done on Geoff's initiative. He also was super helpful whenever I had questions about the guitar and guitars in general, going out of his way to experiment with a few, on my request. The guitar arrived in perfect condition and I'm very happy with it! I will be doing business with XGuitars in the future.

Ramirez Cut 2 Spruce - Cutaway Classical Guitar w/Fisher Prefix Blend Preamp

The feel of this guitar is marvelous. A very well made instrument with a very clear and distinctive sound that is rich in overtones. I was surprised how light in weight it is compared to other classical instruments I've held. Very well balanced. I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a high quality classical guitar (reasonably priced) that puts out the overtones the CUT 2 produces.

Excellent Guitar in Every Way

I love this guitar! The Cordoba Torres lives up to its description. Big voice for a shortened scale length. Excellent on the treble strings and impressive on the bass strings. The guitar is finished with high attention to detail. I play without nails and the response is very good. Easy to play and rewards you with clarity and resonance. Don't hesitate on this one!

Ramirez Hard Tension High Tension Guitar Strings

Installed these for the first time on my two nylon string guitars, a Jose Ramirez Guitarra del Tiempo and a Cordoba Solista Flamenca. They are making these instruments sound better than ever. I plan to continue to use these strings moving forward. Also, XGuitars delivery performance was exceptional - received them well before the promise date.

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